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Memory care is designed to provide a safe, structured environment with set routines to lower stress for people with Alzheimer's or dementia. Our staff provides meals and helps clients with personal care tasks, just like the staff at an assisted living facility. But they are also specially trained to deal with the unique issues that often arise as a result of dementia or Alzheimer's. They are more in-tune with the needs of these clients and provide extra structure and support to help them navigate their day.


Our 24-Hour Care services enable us to respond quickly to any emergency or problem that requires immediate attention. At A Village Home Care, we offer around the clock home care services to ensure that our clients get the attention they deserve. Contact us today and learn how you can benefit from our 24-Hour Care services.

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Being able to meet your day to day needs with dignity is important for maintaining healthy and happy senior years. Our staff offers assistance in those areas such as hygienic care, feeding, walking, and transferring clients as necessary. This assistance is intended to provide the support needed to maintain an independent lifestyle at home.


Keeping a pet in the home offers seniors countless benefits including companionship, a sense of responsibility or purpose, creating a routine, and encouraging activity and socialization. Our caregivers can support the relationship between a senior and their pet by aiding in the care of the animal and encouraging interaction.

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At A Village Home Care, we offer meal planning and preparation services suited to each client individually. We take all of your specific requests and demands into consideration and guarantee personalized attention. Whatever the hour may be, our staff is readily available to cater to your dietary needs.


With our Medication Distribution services, patients can feel confident that their health matters will be addressed in a timely manner — without sacrificing their normal daily routines. At A Village Home Care, we care for our patients’ health and wellbeing and provide prompt medication reminders and assistance.

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